Friday, July 22, 2022

My Friends the Weeds Part III

Yes, one more post on my friends the weeds, very pretty as some of them are.

Chicory has to be one of my favourites, and it often lines roadside around here.  The boulevard between two parking lots downtown was absolutely blue with them - until yesterday when I was down for coffee and they had all been roughly mowed down.

Close by was this Yarrow, with 3 taller blades of grass growing up through it.

There seems to be a lot of variation in daisies.  These are what I know as Daisy Fleabane, with tiny narrow rays.

And these are normal looking daisy flowers, but very short, the kind that comes up in your lawn, known as English Daisies..

A tiny one you probably won't even notice under your feet, often at the edge of lawns, is this little yellow flower, only a quarter-inch across.  It's Black Medic.

This is the tall spike of Teasel, not quite out in flower yet.

And this is Mallow.

And just to give you an idea of my frustration, this is the delightful mixture of Buttercups and grasses just around the corner, when I was starting out to gather all these photos as well as some of grasses.

And this was the spot the next day!  We seem to suffer from a never-ending dedication to getting rid of whatever beauty we can find, replacing it with the flowers of our gardens.


  1. I'm really happy that our township has stopped mowing along the rural roads. I've had two wonderful conversations with neighbours about the lovely flowers growing along our road. Great swaths of purple and yellow!

  2. That's too bad that the beautiful wild flowers have been cut down. Some of our highways have some beautification happening, usually a swath of planted day lilies around here.

  3. Roadsides were much more beautiful when they had to be mowed with a scythe and most communities didn't have enough staff or funds to mow everything. Now with articulated boom mowers it's much easier to cut everything.

  4. Our town has dedicated areas for wild flowers, and they are lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  5. Oh yes, I like the chicory too. It is all over the place around here now!!
    I'm always saddened when the roadsides get mowed down too!! One good thing though, before long it all grows back. :)

  6. Seems a disservice to call them weeds... beautiful wildflowers perhaps?

  7. Not weeds so much as "very resilient wildflowers". It seems that most of the ones here have made it across the water and, however much mowing they do, they'll be back again next year - probably stronger and more numerous.

  8. I love your pretty wildflowers. They are NOT weeds, and chicory has been grown as a coffee substitute for generations! Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  9. I am enjoying your weeds review. We have most of those weeds and they grow along our roadways too. Chicory here is a dark blue in color.

  10. Weeds weeds the rejected seeds, the more that are lost, the more we needs.

  11. they are all very beautiful. i am impressed with your knowledge, i need to get a book on wildflowers/weeds!!