Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A Few More Garden Shots

Here are a few more of the flowers blooming in the garden.  They're not paired shots for comparison of the zoom, but still, these were enormously easier to take with the new phone camera, all while just sitting in my chair.

Our only sunflower starting to form its seedhead.  I just love the details of flowers as they emerge and develop, and the fuzziness on this is amazing up close.

A Blue Flag Iris.  This is the native plant, not quite as showy as the bearded Iris, but very pretty nonetheless.

One of our biggest Hostas starting to bloom, the first of many.  The first Hosta bloom marks the start of several weeks of flowers we'll see.

And one of our tiniest, growing in a pot, about ready to bloom.

We have two tiny rose bushes.  This yellow one blooms forever, well into the fall.

The other even tinier bush is a red rose.

There isn't quite the contrast or clarity I'd like, but as a test of the new camera, and taken from 6 feet away, I think it's amazing - the centre of a Coreopsis bloom.

This is another one where the contast isn't very good; it's often difficult to shoot white flowers like this Columbine, especially is full sun.

And finally, our first small Delphinium.  This is the first year we've had Delphinium, planted only a few weeks ago; it will grow larger in future years.

I've found two other advantages of the new phone camera.  First, I can now easily download all my photos to my desktop, right into Lightroom.  Previously I had to email individual photos to myself, and the downloading was tedious.  Secondly, I'm finding I can crop photos without losing quality as fast as it happened with my previous phone camera.  That's a big advantage to me.

On the other hand one limitation is the difficulty of holding the phone steady at very long zooms.  If I'm trying to take a photo at a long zoom, the flower may be waving all over the place.  I may have to do a test of the zoom at different lengths.  Of course the other limitation is getting used to the new operating system when moving from an apple phone to an android phone, but I'm finding the important stuff is easy to pick up.


  1. I am enjoying your experimental photography with the new phone, FG. The blooms are gorgeous!

  2. This is fun! You are already making great progress with your new phone. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Well done. Old dog, new tricks!

  4. I'm thrilled to see how professional these simple phone camera photos are coming out!

  5. Sue has a tripod for her phone. Hers is flimsy, but it works more often than not.

  6. I find changing technology to be so difficult.

  7. such pretty images!! where we use to see snow, we now see gorgeous blooms!! your new phone is an android?? i don't remember and it was not totally clear here. i got a new phone, i went from an iphone to the newest iphone. when i took pictures, they went straight into the photo folder on my phone. now i am in the process you spoke of. i have to email the picture to myself and them follow that process...a bit of a pain!! and the quality of the pictures is not much better!!

    the iris and the delphinium are my favs!!!

  8. Beautiful shots. That you can get such closeups from 6 feet away is amazing to me. Your gardens are full of such color and vibrancy!

  9. I enjoy seeing all of your flowers. You have some great ones. I can't believe how big your sunflower is. I guess I planted too late. Kee[ the flowers coming.

  10. Great photos from that new phone, and beautiful flowers. Looks like you made a good investment with that phone. Those blue flag iris are special favorites of mine, but they've long finished blooming down here.

  11. Your photos almost make me want to get a smart phone again.