Saturday, June 4, 2022

I Admit It, I'm a Royalist

Celebrations of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee have been underway in the UK this weekend, and I'm glad to admit I'm a royalist.  I enjoy the history, and pomp and pageantry involved, and stories of the Royal Family themselves, for better or worse!

So we watched a little of the celebrations, and I actually snapped some shots off the TV screen.  I think the last time I did that was for the first moon landing, in 1969, but my relationship with the Queen and photography goes back further than that.  It was during the Queen's tour of Canada in 1959 that we travelled to Stratford to watch her drive slowly by in her motorcade, heading for the Stratford Festival Theatre.  I had my small Brownie camera and successfully snapped a picture of the Queen smiling out the car window beside me.

So skip on if you're not interested, while I record the event for my own posterity!

The scene in Westminster Abbey as the boys choir processes out.

The Queen speaking to an admirer.

The famous balcony scene, featuring only 'senior working Royals'.
From the right Price Edward and his family, Prince William and his family, the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess Anne and her husband, The Duke of Kent and his wife, the Duke of Gloucester and his wife.

While the Queen, Camilla and Catherine look up at the flypast with Prince Louis, Prince Charles looks down at Louis waving, the star of the show.

I said I was a royalist, but I'm not sure I'm a monarchist, which to me is a political position.  Here in Canada it seems to me almost irrelevant as the Queen has only a miniscule role in our government, and that only a symbolic one.

So why am I a royalist?  First, I respect the Queen personally for her dedication and commitment over 70 years.  Second, I admit I find the stories of the family fascinating.  We've been to both Windsor and Balmoral Castles, and it's definitely a lifestyle I could enjoy.

And finally there's the history.  Many may not be aware that the British Royal Family gets its legitimacy as an unbroken line of succession, from Scotland, not England.  The most obvious gap in the English line of succession was of course after Elizabeth I, as she never married and her father's other children preceded her in death.  

Scottish succession had proceeded unbroken for hundreds of years before that, from the great Robert the Bruce onwards, becoming the /Stewart Dynasty.  Eventually along came James Stuart VI of Scotland who was actually next in succession to the English throne as well, and became King of England  together with Scotland.  Eventually the countries merged under the United Kingdom flag.

And of course I'm a Stewart myself, my grandmother having been a Stuart.  I was named after her.  the spelling of Stewart was changed to Stuart by Mary Queen of Scots because she was brought up from a very early age in France.  Stuart is the French spelling of Stewart, but I go by Stewart.


  1. I guess I have blood from over there too. My Maternal grandmother was born in Scotland, my Mum too. Grandma was a McMillan but had from what I can remember the McPherson Clan tartan. My Dad's family originally came from England, so more blood lines there too.I have been watching the celebrations, and apart from them leaving the UK to live in the USA,I still think it was a shame that Meghan and Harry were excluded from sitting with the others. We should see more on our TV later tonight. Meanwhile, Happy Stewart Days to you both.

  2. My father’s maternal side of the family is Scottish, Stewart from Scotland by way of Nova Scotia.

    I respect the queen but I’m not sure about the rest of them.

  3. Hey Furry, I remember that 1959 night and saw the Queen go by as well. As I recall I was at the east end of William Street. Maybe I was standing right beside you. I wrote a post one time for my blog called 'Me and Queen Elizabeth'. Both my mother and her sister my Aunt Jean always followed the Queen's life because they were about the same age and remember her especially from the war years when they were all young girls. The last time I saw Queen Elizabeth she was traveling south on number 59 highway between Tavistock and Woodstock Ontario. I was parked on the side of the road standing beside my motorcycle and gave her a big wave as she went by. I remember she had a powder blue outfit on. I think it was the late 90's.

  4. I love the royals too. In the 80s they visited Ottawa, where we were then living. A select group of military families were chosen to greet them when they arrived. We had our one year old with us. The royals flight was delayed a wee bit so we had an agonizing wait with a little one. She was starting to fuss and I was prepared to leave just as they were arriving. The Queen came right to us and apologised to my little gal for making her wait!

  5. Thanks for sharing what you watched on tv and when you took a photo of Queen Elizabeth when you were young. Good memories! I was in England for 2 years when I was in the US Air Force. 1976-78. Met a man who's my husband. We were by Buckingham Palace when we were on our honeymoon Oct 1977. I stood by a guard to have P take a photo of me. He smiled. I was able to get a cup for Queen E 25th jubilee. I saw a delicious cake on Facebook that was inside the palace for her celebration. We enjoyed being in England and went to various places and Scotland. Have a good weekend!

  6. I am primarily of British stock with some Irish and Scottish mixed in. Three of my four grandparents immigrated directly and the other’s ancestors came from there earlier. I cna’t say that I am a royalist exactly, or not a strong one anyway.

  7. Ah, another Scott and a Royalist as well. I have great love of all my ancestors, many of whom were American rebels against the throne. But they had their roots (many of them) on the lands of Great Brittain as well as the Continent. I also enjoy seeing the pomp.

  8. When my daughter was young, I started her reading historical novels of the English royalty (some I had read) and she took it much further to non-fiction as well and her knowledge is expansive. I've always found the Royals interesting too, the Queen in particular. She's such a gracious woman, thrust into the spotlight when she was young. I've not seen her in person just on television. Did you see the clip with her and Paddington Bear. Obviously she has a sense of humour too!
    I suspect you and I have ancestors in common - my mother was a Stewart too.

  9. good for you!! it's always nice to have something to watch on tv, something you enjoy. your pictures are great!!

  10. I remember watching Queen Elizabeth's coronation on television in 1953, not live of course -- the account of how the recordings made it to North America is an interesting read.

  11. I saw her and the Duke of Edinburgh during their last time here in 2010.