Thursday, April 21, 2022

Garden Project

I got some pretty creative guesses for how we're going to use our big steel rectangle.  I liked the spa bath for Mrs. F.G. best, but a couple of you got it right, it was intended as another raised bed.  It got rejected in the end, but the three smaller circular ones like it are all ready to be planted now as soon as the weather warms up.

This is the before picture, the plot of grass left in the back yard that will gradually be transformed into garden this summer.

Mrs. F.G. decided the rectangular box would be too big, but here are the three stainless steel fireplace rings that will become raised beds, placed where we want them after much fussing about.

Our assistant gardener there is digging them in and levelling them.

He also brought some garden debris, leaves and mulch from the neighbours (who happen to be his aunt and uncle), and Mrs. F.G. had some too.  That went in first.

Next he's adding purchased triple mix.

It's beginning to look like a garden construction site, always a good thing.

Now Mrs. F.G. is adding a good helping of perlite to each bed for improved drainage.

And finally a good layer of potting mix.

The beds have been levelled off and Mrs. F.G. was very pleased, though it will be some time before the weather is warm enough for planting the tomatoes and cucumbers here.  She'll go ahead with some cold weather crops like peas and lettuce.  This will give us the space we want for veggies, together with the side garden and the planters on the deck.  The grass here will gradually be killed off and planted to other things.

Here's the rectangle that got left out of the picture; it will go to our son we hope.

So another garden project successfully completed, though there is lots of work to do yet before plants are growing!


  1. Excellent raised beds! When I used to go raise a bit of a garden at the recreation center, behind a school building, in raised beds, we found many a grass continuing, or weeds actually, even though they'd put down some mulch around the beds. They may have used some black plastic under the mulch, but someone had to come and cut back the weeds around the raised beds...or pull them or whatever. I hope they never used Round-Up which is very toxic, and we wanted to grow some organic veggies there...and by the amount of weeds in the pathways, I'd guess they didn't use Round-Up. I've seen how it kills every living thing in some places near a road. It's really sad because the rain runoff then goes into our local river. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you all grow in your beautiful new beds!

  2. The rectangle is so tall, and the circular ones are great. Your son will be very thankful for the gift.Fireplace rings? that would be a mighty large fire, maybe an outside one, Love all the additions before the circles are planted. Hugh made wooden planter boxes, not too wide but very long, to go down the side of our driveway.However we had a long time friend and his wife call and stay, he said his bus wasn't too large!!! He sneaked in the gateway with about 6 inches to spare, and when you stepped out the side door, one foot was almost in the planter box!!!Love seeing you, Mrs F.G., are you doing anything in the sewing or creative department lately?

  3. It will be great having those 3 new raised beds!!

  4. I can hardly wait to be out planting in my big pots on our deck. You will have great spots there for veggies.

  5. With the price of everything going through the roof that is a wise decision to grow your own vegetables. Those raised round veggie beds will make them easier to maintain as well. If I had one of those I would plant peanuts so I could grow my own peanut butter:))

  6. Sure looks a whole lot better than the used tyres some people place in their gardens.

  7. Mrs FG must be pretty fit and energetic.

  8. Great idea. I would thing the metal rings will take in heat and keep the soil warm longer, which should be beneficial for tomatoes and peppers and such. I'll be watching with interest to see how it goes.

  9. One of our granddaughters and her husband made large raised beds in their yard to grow veggies. Their soil is heavy clay and, although it grows trees very well, it's terrible for vegetables.

  10. Lots of work, but the results will be so satisfying. May your gardens be blessed with good weather and only friendly insects!