Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Storm Rolls In

Yesterday's storm rolled in very dark and fast when it finally arrived.  I'd been working in the garden while the thunder rumbled away in the distance for nearly an hour, slowly getting louder and louder.  Suddenly I felt a shadow over my shoulder and looked up to see what was there.  What was there were the dark stormy clouds below, rolling in to darken the sky in a matter of minutes.

The clouds were boiling away above me for awhile before the rain began and I was able to get in a few very quick shots, though it meant running for a tripod to have enough light.  Then the rain began and I had to run for the door.

The shot below would have been an immediate 'delete' for me, but I shared these with my wife, who sees photos in terms of patterns much more than I.  She thought it was a great picture, because the blur shows the wind, which is indeed what it was.  So here it is.

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