Sunday, May 12, 2013

Snow on Mother's Day!

We don't quite believe it, like a lot of others I expect!  Woke this morning to cold temperatures and blowing snow.  It was melting on contact when we left, and we were away a good part of the day.  We returned to 3-4 inches of white stuff - in the middle of May!  Absolutely absurd weather.  Yesterday I was out photographing wildflowers, and today they'll be buried in a carpet of white.

Yesterday I was picking this rhubarb for a delicious rhubarb crisp; today it's covered in snow.

Yesterday I was struggling to get a picture of this fritillaria, with it's flowers hanging straight down; today you can actually see the flower 'cause the plant is bent over by the weight of the snow.

And in the old meadow next door this apple tree (and all the others) is covered in a layer of white.  Sorry these pictures are a little grey; they were taken at 7.30 in the evening.

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