Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Wildflower Season

It was Tuesday morning, a beautiful sunny day and spring was bursting out all over.  We headed into the woods on a quiet trail, came to an old fencerow marked by huge old maple trees and some remnants of a line of stones, and turned off where our trusty leader took us.  A few moments later we were looking at a carpet of trilliums.

It's actually rather hard to give a photographic impression of a carpet of trilliums in the woods.  The human eye can keep it all in focus, and appreciate the bigger view, the details of individual flowers or trees and the light filtering through. But a camera won't do all of that at the same time easily.  But I was determined to try, so I had brought my tripod, intent on using some longer exposures to create a greater depth of field, and keep all the flowers in focus.

I think it actually did a pretty good job.  I've just discovered the advantages of longer exposures on a tripod for pictures, shooting in manual mode to control the exposure - more work and lugging a tripod, but better pictures in the end.

Meantime, the next two weeks are the most beautiful of the year in the woods, so I'll be out with my camera as much as I can!  Enjoy it while the flowers last!

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