Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow in the Woods

Missed snowshoeing for a week or so, with so many other winter events on, but got back in the woods today and yesterday.  We had more than a foot of snow, and got another 4" of light powdery fluff today.  Both days was a hard slog breaking trail through fresh snow, but the woods was beautiful, especially the interior where the air is still and snow sits on every branch.

It just looks like a totally white world looking around you in all directions.  Snow stuck to the tree trunks, clumped on the tiny twigs, and resting along all the branches.  Yesterday there were plenty of tracks - deer, rabbit, and probably fox, but today with the fresh snow there were no tracks at all.  Just peaceful white forest.  Winter at the moment seems to be a taste of real winter as I like it and remember it - deep snow, high snowbanks, endless more white flakes coming down as the streamers off the lake pass over us.

At the moment it's great conditions for all the winter sports - downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and I'm sure snowmobiling too.  The snowblower is certainly paying for itself this winter.   Here's hoping it stays this way for about another month!

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