Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Skiing

It seems I've been too busy enjoying winter to post much here; in between the thaws, it's been a great few weeks of real winter.  Lots of snow, and temperatures staying below zero.  Among other things I've been out to Glenelg Nordic skiing a few times.  One of my favourite trails is down through the swamps, and on this ski the trees were all covered with fresh powder snow, making both for great skiing conditions, and nice pictures.

The trails had been track set, but I think I was the first person through on them, sailing along through my own private winter wonderland.  There are streams to cross, a few gentle hills (and one long one), bits of open meadow, and a pine plantation, but almost all these trails are in the forest, keeping the cold wind to a minimum.

Getting the lighting right is the most difficult thing in the winter.  I just had my 'point and shoot' with me this day, so these pix seem a little dark compared to what it was really like - but then with my other camera, the winter pictures often seem too bright.  But the memories of a winter well spent are great in any case!

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