Saturday, February 5, 2011

After the Storm

Wednesday's storm did bring a fair bit of blowing snow, maybe 20-30 cm, even if it wasn't the 'snowmaggedon' that was forecast. It was sunny the next day though, so I headed out for a ski on the Glenelg Nordic Trails.The track was fast, the temperature cold, and my skiis working better than last time. Headed north into the cedars, through the swamp, with snow piled in giant white marshmallows on the evergreens. Out in the open the wind had blown the snow into drifts, but here in the forest, fresh snow was piled up everywhere. Horizontal branches were covered with a mantle of snow, while smaller evergreens almost disappeared under the white stuff.Enjoyed a long ski through the pine plantations, around the maple bush, down the edge of the field, and then through the cedar swamp. I was the first person on the trails since the storm, the entire way, and snow was everywhere. For those who enjoy winter, it was a beautiful day. At least we didn't suffer from 'snowsteria' here, as they did in the big smoke!

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