Sunday, January 29, 2023

I think We've Seen the Georgian Bay Monster!

You may recall a few posts back, in the middle of our first tour of Scotland, I mentioned the Loch Ness monster.  Well it must have been on my mind, for when we stopped at the shoreline the other day we saw a swirl in the water that convinced us there was a Georgian Bay monster lurking in our neighbourhood!  And I'm serious!

Even in this shot of the beautiful blue bay you can see the swirl in the water out there.  (Sorry about the reflection, shot through the car window).

At times it really looked like something was cresting the water surface.

And then we saw another swirl off to the left, a little closer to shore.  I'm sure you can come up with rational explanations, but I prefer to think it's evidence of a Georgian Bay monster, to add to all the other myths and legends associated with the '6th Great Lake'.

And let me assure you, if you check out the actual sightings of the Loch Ness monster, this is all you will find!


  1. Hard to say what it was/is, but it sure is fun to speculate! :-)

  2. I think it was either a Russian Submarine, a Beluga Whale, or a massive pod of Sardines:))

  3. We are great at imagining and unless someone can prove us wrong, we can continue to believe what we want! I think you might be right!

  4. What a fun sighting! I saw something in the water along the north shore here. Probably a seal…not where you are though.

  5. Something was in the water doing that.

  6. All you needed for sure was a tail to stick up out of the water.

  7. Enjoy your imagination -- we all have a little kid in us that wants to believe.

  8. Well, there definitely appears to be something stirring up the water. Why couldn't it be the Georgian Bay monster?

  9. Every bit as convincing as some of the photos of Nessie! Quite near to hear a seal has found its way up the river system and has now taken up residence in a fishing lake. The lake is well stocked with fish and the seal shows no inclination to leave.

  10. Mystical... you should dive there!

  11. Great capture!! I'm working on a video of a similar animal filmed in Senaca Lake NY in 2009, for my Johnny Norfolk YouTube channel. What you photographed here appears to be the same kind of animal that is an expert at swimming just below the surface of the water, apparently as it hunts, and it is able to swim in a staight path ....more or less, without obvious side to side or undulating motions : )

    Was this filmed at the south end of Georgian Bay? I'm John, from SImcoe Ontario, and have been exploring the Bruce Penninsula in the last couple decades, and before then, the 30,000 islands area north of Parry Sound. I've been waiting for evidence like this to appear from any of the many lakes in Ontario, especially the big ones.

    Thanks for sharing photos, and hopefully you'll get some good video footage in the future!!

  12. Wow!! I haven't explored the coast of the Bay much past Owen Sound ....though made it as far as the Irish Mountain area last summer : ) I'm planning to tour around central Ontario for a few days in a couple weeks to visit some of the smaller lakes with reported sightings of large unknown animals. It looks like I will cruie by the Meaford shore before heading east, with hopes of seeing an elusive aquatic animal : )

    Would you mind if I used one of the photos in my upcoming video to show a comparison with the animal in Seneca Lake? If not that's ok, seeing these photos from Georgian Bay still made my day!! Thanks again for sharing the photos ....and the location!

    1. Thanks Furry Gnome! I will use it wisely : )

      ....and I will 'cruise' by the Meaford shore....

      I had my own mysterious encounter in Ponte-au-Baril channel north of Parry Sound 30 years ago, and looking forward to my next one!!

      Here's the link to the Seneca Lake video I've been working on zooming in on etc.

      Thanks again, and I hope you can gather more photos and videos of the mystery animal.