Friday, August 26, 2022

Bringing You Up-to-Date

I'm making progress in recovery and getting back to 'normal', while noticing lots of interesting things around town.   I made it downtown to McGinty's Cafe for lunch with my coffee buddies yesterday, so that really made me feel I have recovered, though my voice still sounds sort of croaky.

Although there's another lunch place downtown, The Kitchen, it has no indoor dining, so our group has 
stuck with McGinty's.

We've had lots of rain recently, so much so that I looked out one day and saw the tree trunks were green with moss.  The Redbud leaves seem to hold the raindrops best.

Picking up some fruit and veggies at Goldsmiths, Mrs. F.G. also brought home some bright sunflowers for the dining room table.

And this is about half of her antipaste efforts from the other day.  Antipaste is a traditional appetizer to start Italian meals, often sliced meat and cheese.  But this is a canned mix of veggies, olives, mushrooms and other good stuff that is simply the best thing I have ever tasted on crackers!

We still have Day Lilies blooming, though only a few each day now.

When I go riding along Thompson Street I pass the site of the new Meaford Long Term Care Home.  It's supposed to open this October when they'll begin transferring patients, and admitting new ones.  It's looking like they're getting toward the final outside touches.

They've been using the Rec Centre parking lot to store gravel, and suddenly, yesterday, there are four new piles of gravel or dirt.  I presume they're moving this the block east when they heed it.

Downtown they've painted the orange background for Meaford's new Indigenous crosswalk, a block north of the existing LGBTQ rainbow crosswalk outside the library.  This one will be finished with a pattern of white feathers.

And back on our own front lawn they've painted the fire hydrant bright yellow, one of the first in town to be changed from dark red.  Apparently this follows the new National Fire Protection Association code.  I've seen more and more of these yellow hydrants as I ride around town.

That brings you up-to-date!


  1. Glad to hear about your recovery. Our hydrands in my area are all yellow.

  2. Glad you’re feeling so much better and getting around town like you used to, FG.

  3. You have shared some wonderful things. Your wife's been busy making some delicious looking food in jars. I like that you are back at the coffee shop. I know you are better when you are at the coffee club. We have one hydrant that all the dogs in town. It needs to be repainted.

  4. Nice pictures, and I'm so glad to hear you are back to your version of normal. :-)

  5. Glad to hear that you're feeling so much better. I love the idea of a orange crosswalk and the bright yellow fire hydrant is fun!

  6. Lots of info in this post. The antipaste sounds and looks great, love the orange crosswalk, a good looking long term care building and most of all that you are feeling better. Nice.

  7. There's a mix of yellow and red hydrants here.

  8. I haven't noticed any yellow fire hydrants here. That antipaste does sound great. I want to hear more about that long-term care my age I always am interested in where I might end up! Also I worked in assisted living as an activity director before retiring. Must mention pretty sun flowers!

  9. Love that crosswalk.

    Our daylilies are done.

    Mrs dies a lot. She would seem to have abundant energy and a body that doesn’t ache.

    Glad you’re feeling well enough to get out and about and join your friends.

  10. I'm happy also to hear that you are almost back to 100%! Nice to be able to do your routine coffee runs with the guys. ;)
    The flowers are lovely, my lilies are done but I still have Moon flowers the odd morning.
    Mrs. F.G. has sure made use of your garden far. The antipaste sounds delicious!

  11. Sounds good that you're improving even if you do sound a bit like a frog. Love those crosswalks, I can't imagine they'd ever do something like that down this way -- more's the pity as some would say. Down here the hydrants are bright yellow, the edges of the top and some of the caps are painted in different colors depending on the hydrant's manufacturer.

  12. How good to get some rain ...
    Here in the UK many areas could do with some.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  13. I like the colored pavement and the yellow fire hydrant. Nice raindrops on the Red Bud leaves. Nice to see you out and about around town again. Probably a nice feeling of fellowship at McGintys Cafe as well. You are a man of many leisures:))

  14. Congratulations on feeling better.

  15. Glad you are better. OUr kinds in Vancouver all had hand, foot and mouth disease. It's awful. So many bugs about. Great photos, and your one mile trek was fun.