Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Skies

We've had some beautiful blue skies with spectacular clouds recently, and I've been taking pictures when I can.  So today's post is a selection of sky pictures taken in and around the valley over the past week or two.  And I'm linking to 'Skywatch Friday' where you can find skies from around the world.  Try it if you've never checked it out - see the logo at the end of this post.

An old barn along County Road 12 on the way to Walter's Falls.

Skies from the back yard the other night.

One of our favourite short cuts, a road between concessions that had a large patch of Marsh Marigolds two weeks ago.

Taken looking over a hayfield on the Bruce Trail hike that I wrote about yesterday.

A little southwest of the valley approaching Swinton Park from the south.  I was struck by how you could see the church on the corner from a long distance away.

A closer look.  It's quite a large and architecturally interesting church for a very small village, but I forgot to get a closer shot.  Maybe some day.

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  1. Awesome captures, love the various cloud formations.. Great photos.. Happy skywatching, have a great weekend!

  2. Oh yes, they are some beautiful skies. We've been having skies like that too.

  3. You have had some nice looking skies. Thanks for sharing so many looks at them. That church is intriguing.

  4. Oh wow, I love all these pictures. I wish I took them :)

  5. Wonderful captures of the countryside and skies. I envy you your summer as I shiver in my winter.

  6. all gorgeous sky captures. We've been having great skies here too.

  7. Beautiful sky photos. I like the white clouds and the landscape too.