Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome Rain!

Waking, I looked out the door of the loft into the trees and sky, and thought to myself what a beautiful day! Dull, dark gray clouds scudding over, leaves blowing in a cool breeze, and the whole yard looked wet. After the sweltering hot day yesterday, and the dry hot weather generally for the past month or more, a cool rainy day will be a huge relief.

By 3 weeks ago the grass in the yard was looking more brown than green, and crunched under your feet as you walked. We were watering the garden to keep it at least green, and I was trucking water to a few distant trees that were planted just last year. One had already shriveled up and died. Luckily we also had a heavy rain 10 days ago, which rescued a lot of gardens, trees and lawns around here. Now we've had more rain and the water droplets are glistening on the blades of the giant grass and all the other plants.

This morning it's thundering down again as I write this, and suddenly all the natural world has perked up. Weeds are popping up out of the grass, and the grass itself has suddenly turned green again. What a beautiful day!

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