Saturday, August 4, 2012

Goldfinch, Wrens and Chipping Sparrows

I've been lucky enough to be in the right spot with my camera several times the past month, and got decent pictures of several of the birds around the house and meadow.


The goldfinch is both the brightest and most musical of these, and it's our most common bird all year round. One of the few birds that sings while it flies, it bounces across the meadow in flight, calling out a varied series of notes in it's almost constant song. Their tweeting to and forth sounds very much like a group of birds in conversation.

Chipping Sparrow

The chipping sparrows are one of the birds most tolerant of people; a pair nested in a cedar this year right at the edge of our deck. They're very small birds, with a song that's a straight trill. I often see them pecking around on the driveway, but this one landed on a fork handle while I was standing very close with my camera. I got off three shots and this one wasn't too blurred.

House Wren

The house wren is more unusual. Though we often here one in the spring (they are one of the most beautiful songsters around, with a beautiful melodious call), we've never had a pair stay all summer. This one was making a second next in a birdhouse, but if I crept any closer it immediately vanished.

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