Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Butterflies!

Sitting around relaxing over the holiday weekend, and started noticing the number of butterflies floating around the yard. We have a meadow with lot of wildflowers (that some would call weeds), and lots of flowers around the garden, and they all seem to attract the butterflies. Even the clover in the lawn gets its share of attention, as in the picture above of a Clouded Sulphur, probably our most common butterfly at the moment.

I stalked the butterflies with my small telephoto lens, and over about 3 days ended up seeing 10 different species! First time I've got to use my little 'Photo Field Guide to the Butterflies of Southern Ontario', but you've no idea how few seconds butterflies spend sitting still!

A Painted lady, sitting still for me to photograph on the ground.

The underside of the wings of a Painted Lady.

A Cabbage White, white wings with two black spots.

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