Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer is Here

For me, summer always arrives when the daisies come into bloom. There are just a few yet, but they're beginning to sprinkle the meadow with their white flowers. A very common flower, but one that marks the seasons.

What otherwise appears as a green grassy meadow, for a few weeks in June and July is a motley collection of white, pink, orange, and especially red as a whole series of meadow flowers come out into bloom.

The Yellow Hawkweed or King Devil is a widespread weed, but in our meadow it's a pretty yellow flower that opens in the sun and closes again at night, brightening the meadow each day with thousands of yellow spots.

My fevourite is the other hawkweed, the Devil's Paintbrush, one of the brightest weeds or flowers of the summer.

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