Friday, June 29, 2012

Canoeing the Beaver

Boy, over two weeks has flown by; just been too busy to get back to this - being retired is hard work! Anyway, we canoed a stretch of the Beaver River 2 or 3 weeks back, a gentle stretch partly through a swamp. Started at the Epping sideroad, in the swamp, and ended at the village of Heathcote (which has a handy bakery).

It was an interesting trip, though short and gentle. Easy drifting along in the morning sun. Only one short bend of faster water. Near the start you could actually canoe in among the trees if you wanted too - all silver and red maples.

For one stretch there was about a foot high bank along the edge, and for 100 yards or more, this was all densely populated with frogs. Most, if not all of these, are leopard frogs, and they were certainly plentiful!

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