Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fawn Birthing Season

Three times in the last week I've seen a very young fawn nearby.

Once the dog barked more fiercely than normal. I stepped outside in time to see the young fawn dash across our front yard while the dog tugged at the end of the leash. It may have been chasing its mother, but I wasn't fast enough to see her.

The second time, out for a walk with the dog, we spotted the doe in a patch of meadow. When she saw the dog, she jumped sideways into the woods rather than running away. We walked slowly on and I spotted her standing still just inside the trees - at her feet was the young fawn, probably the same one that ran across our front yard.

Then while out working on one of the Bruce Trail properties, we noticed a patch of tall grass depressed where a deer had bedded down. I was tying some flagging tape on a branch when a fawn burst out of the grass not ten feet away and took off through the woods.

Nice to see fawns in June; on the other hand, the deer have been eating the hostas in the garden -not good!

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