Monday, July 18, 2011

Daylily Season

Daylilies have been out for a week or two now. In places, the roadsides feature huge clumps of the common orange daylilies that have been grown for years. In fact, if you investigate pioneer homesteads, you often find orange daylilies along with lilacs as two of the original plants the pioneers planted around their homesteads, presumably brought from home.

But today there are hundreds of varieties of daylilies, and breeders are constantly trying to create new ones. There's a beautiful daylily garden not too far away, so we've acquired a few of the new varieties, in a range of colours. What I find fascinating is that the large blooms come out for just a day - hence the name. A flower stalk may have several blossoms on it, and a plant may have several flower stalks, so you can have a lot of blooms on larger plants, but on any single flower stalk, normally only one bloom opens, and it opens for only one day.

We'll have beautiful daylily blooms in the garden now for the next month, and often go out each morning to see what flowers have opened their blossoms today.

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