Thursday, March 24, 2022

Went for a Drive

The other day we headed out for a drive over to Thornbury and came back, by the back roads.  It wasn't a long drive, but it was nice.  We hit the harbour first, and then came back past the apple orchards   I took too many pictures for one post, so I'll break it into two.

This is the mouth of the Beaver River, lots of water pouring into Georgian Bay, and one lone fisherman.

Even with his waders I think this would be pretty cold!

Won't be long now until they'll be unwrapping these sailboats, but for now the harbour with its floating piers is still frozen solid.  There were several boat owners there working on their boats.

Heading out of town from Clarksburg (we first had to stop at the big hardware store, Mrs. F.G.'s favourite store) we crossed the Beaver River which was rolling toward the bay.

These are the high density Red Prince orchards west of Clarksburg.  They're just getting to the age where they'll have a substantial crop.

Can you sense a slight reddening of the twigs as you look through the orchard?  We could, but I'm not sure it shows up on a photo.

No sign of enough staff from our evening care agency for tonight, and I'm worried about tomorrow night.  The girl on the weekend is more reliable.  

But I've been reading about the privatization of home care here in Ontario, and how service and treatment of staff declines once you have a corporation skimming off profits.  I've watched the CBC Marketplace expose, written them and heard back, and now I'm compiling information to understand the broader issue.  I thought we were just up against a poorly managed agency, but now I get the impression that we're up against a Conservative government's secret plot to make a profit off elderly who need care and the staff who provide it.


  1. Good lord, that would be too cold even with waders.

    We can't get rid of that inept excuse for a provincial government fast enough.

  2. There is a huge shortage of home care workers here as well. Our friend, who retired as a worker at 65, keeps getting calls to work and decided to work part time to help out. She could be working every day.

  3. My feet feel cold just looking at that guy!
    Dougie & friends are just looking out for the bottom line for themselves. Keep fighting.

  4. He must really like fishing!!! :)

  5. Your last statement is something I've been hearing from other sources too. The same can be said about Conservative governments attempting to privatise all health care services. Scary times for not only those who are seniors and need care, but for everyone...though some would suggest I'm fear mongering.

    My brother is going fishing and camping this weekend...with daytime temps around -10C. He's nuts!

  6. Yes, I would think that lone fisherman in the waders would have cold legs alright and yes I did notice a slight reddening in the orchard.

  7. Quite alot of snow but hopefully soon it will get warmer. Hopefully care givers will be with you soon. I am glad you have a weekend one that is there for you and wife. looks like a nice drive out and about! Have a good week!!

  8. I've never understood why anyone would enjoy fishing that much. I hope you get the home-care situation sorted out soon.

  9. The sad thing is I think we are poised to re-elect this conservative government. We did it with Mike Harris twice, but an ill-educated buffoon like Ford? Please tell me the electorate has more sense.

  10. It doesn't look like the orchard's being pruned yet, that's surprising. It seems like conservatives everywhere have policies of prioritizing profits over people, especially the young, the old and anyone who needs assistance.

  11. These are the same conservatives who are now spending money like water to buy the next election.

  12. What a lovely trip!
    They are murdering healthcare.
    Staffing is a big issue in schools, as well. Isabelle is at home, having just returned from Florida Tuesday, and today her class is going online as they can't get teachers!

  13. beaver river sure is beautiful, a house there would have an amazing view!!

    your last paragraph is so heartbreaking. i am shocked that government plays such a big role and has so much control over home care!! i know a large corporation decides what medications i can receive, that to me is crazy!!

  14. I admire that fisherman it looks cold in the water.
    I do hope you get your home-care situation sorted.

    All the best Jan