Thursday, September 23, 2021

Around Town

 With the good weather (until Tuesday!)  I've been enjoying getting out around town.  I don't take as many photos as I used to, but when I see something interesting I do snap a shot.  So here's a selection of recent interesting pictures.

It started to rain on Tuesday afternoon, and rained heavily all day Wed., and right through last night.  We're waterlogged!  The water droplets on our Redbud leaves and window illustrate the downpour.

A few days ago I turned the corner in our cul-de-sac and found this, no fewer than three cement trucks parked at the end.  With the big boom they're filling what will be the concrete foundation of the second last house to be built.

Headed downtown I found these beautiful New England Asters close enough that I could get a nice picture.

And one of the big trees that typically starts to turn early.

Downtown they were holding a sale in support of the woman who runs 'Czech It Out', a store jammed with antiques and collectables.  She was attacked by a dog recently and has had to close the store while she was recovering, so has had no income.

Heading for The Kitchen where the owner has been expecting a baby, I noticed this tiny decorative balcony for the upstairs apartment.  Don't know why I've never noticed it before.  The baby has arrived and all are doing fine.

Across the street this and several other scarecrows decorated the area around the tourist info booth.  The big event is cancelled this year again, but some of the dedicated volunteers decided that a few scarecrows would still be a good idea.

There was quite an offshore breeze that day and the flags at Meaford Hall were out horizontal, blowing in the wind.

I didn't recognize the two lower flags in this photo.  Can anyone help me out?
The sun has just come out and I'm hoping it will start to dry things out soon!


  1. What a lovely trip!
    The heavens have opened and the rain is quite something!
    We've a similar case, here, with someone hurt by an ATV on a public trail. She is in bad shape.

  2. Very nice photos from your travels downtown. I'd gladly take some of that rain off your hands. My evergreens are showing stress this year because it has been so dry. Hopefully the one in the back yard makes it through the winter as it is home to various birds.

    No help on the flags, sorry.

  3. The storm you had just ended here, strong winds and heavy rain all last night and most of the morning. This summer was really wet in contrast to last year when it was really, really dry.

  4. Quite nice coverage of the area, FG. There is always something of interest!

  5. The rain was really something! How nice of people to hold a sale for the woman who was injured.

  6. Rain can make for neat pictures!! I like those purple Asters. I used to grow some but Every year the bugs would infest them so I gave up.

  7. Lovely asters. Great looking balcony.
    Can't help you with the flag. Tried looking but no luck. Hope someone knows!

  8. I love this series of pictures, especially the cool-cat scarecrow. No idea about those flags.

  9. Still raining here on Wednesday evening.

  10. Yes, there are a lot of waterlogged Ontarians out here right now. A lot of flooding problems in our area. Nice photos from your travels.

  11. Those flags intrigued me and sent me off on an unproductive search of the internet. All I learned is that Canadian people are inordinately fond of flags!

  12. i can't help you out with the flags!! pretty images today, i adore asters (my color) and i really like the scarecrow!!

  13. I did enjoy your photographs, those Asters are a beautiful colour.

    All the best Jan

  14. Lovely pictures abouttown. :) Love the asters.
    That scarecrow is cute and I'm happy to hear that regardless of fall events, someone is still decorating for the season. We can't give everything up!
    No help on those flags either.

  15. I Googled Meaford flags and it came up as the former flag of the town of Meaford.