Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tracks in the Woods

Walking in the woods nearly every day this winter, though I made an exception for those two days of the January thaw!  Thank goodness, the snow is back now, a blizzard today in fact.  Usually I walk nearby, but sometimes further away; these are from the snowshoe walk a couple of weeks ago when we saw the bald eagle - still can't get over that!

By the size and pattern of tracks when we found this one, we think this is a coyote.  We hear them far more often than seeing their tracks.

Fairly close, noticeably smaller, and following a long straight line as they do, was this fox track. Several times we've seen fox tracks right outside the windows of our house, and once or twice, in other seasons, seen the fox trot along up the fencerow.

And deer tracks were everywhere, rarely forming any kind of a trail, though often there were nearby tracks indicating that a small group had gone by.  Here though, the deer did actually create a 'deer trail', as they headed out of the hardwoods and down into the swamp.

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