Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Recent Sunrise

You realize of course that the only reason I can post sunrise pictures is because the sun doesn't rise very early, but never-the-less, when you get an interesting morning of clouds, the sunrise can be pretty spectacular out our windows.  This was a week ago or so.

Meanwhile of course we've had this crazy second January thaw.  In 48 hours it removed virtually all the foot of snow we had, again eliminating cross-country skiing and snowshoeing until it accumulates again.  Yesterday our lawn was brown again.  You have to get out and enjoy it when you can!  But this morning an arctic blast moved back int, and the streamers are gusting straight east from Lake Huron.  It looks too much like a blizzard outside to even enjoy going for a walk, but I'll bundle up and try it - the dog loves winter.

I keep trying to learn different settings on my camera to get the best pictures, and the two pictures below are taken of the same view, but in slightly different settings.  The first picture below was taken on Aperture setting at a speed of 1/100;  the second on Auto setting, at 1/30th.  Frankly, though I like the first, I think the second give a more realistic view of what I was actually seeing. Funny what the camera can do to the light. 

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