Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wacky Winter

Well, I say with a sigh of frustration, we're getting another snowy day. Here's hoping it's a more serious accumulation of the white stuff than we've had so far! Local people who have lived here far longer than I have say they can't remember a winter like this. Not only do we only have a thin blanket of snow (too thin for cross-country skiing or proper snowshoeing), the temperature continues to bounce up and down between rain and snow - creating ice far too often. In places walking is getting treacherous.

Today there's a low pressure system blowing through, with serious windchill, and snowing steadily. After the storm passes, the winds are supposed to shift around, and hopefully we'll get some of those 'lake-effect snow squalls' to add to the accumulation. 5-10 cm. is forecast, but that's only 2-4 inches. I'd rather have at least 25 cm. to rescue the cross-country ski season.

But then it's supposed to go up above zero again next week and rain! Disgusting!

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