Monday, January 9, 2012

Moonlight Snowshoeing

We enjoyed our first moonlight snowshoeing hike 3 days ago, and there was actual moonlight! The conditions were pretty terrible really, with temperatures above zero, and the snow soggy and wet. It stuck to the bottom of the snowshoes constantly, making walking sometimes frustrating.

The snow conditions were pretty thin too - only about 6 inches, which may sound like enough. But once the first ten people have walked the trail, it's packed down to the rocks. So you had to watch your footing pretty carefully at times.

We gathered after dark, with headlamps bobbing as people struggled into their snowshoes. The owner of a nearby home came down to see what all the strange lights were about! Turns out the OPP had been there all afternoon chasing pot growers.

In spite of it all, 25 people enjoyed the snowshoe walk along the Niagara Escarpment and into a picnic table on the edge of an old meadow. Unfortunately no-one was waiting there with hot chocolate or donuts, but we now look forward to our next moonlit snowshoe or ski.

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