Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snow, but not enough yet

Well, the snowfall gradually increased as the day passed, and the world is white again. It's very fine, wet snow, so it's stuck to all the trees; tomorrow will be a winter wonderland. But because it's fine, it's packed pretty densely, not that light fluffy stuff that piles up deeply.

Judging by the radar, a lot of other places south and east of us got a good deal more snow than we have. Here it's only maybe 5 cm., but at least it has kept on snowing, and looks like it will keep snowing for quite a while yet. Not the deep snowfall I'd like, but a respectable snowfall, especially if the temperature drops as forecast, and it doesn't melt away like the past 4 snowfalls in December!

Here's hoping for lots more over the next week or two. Will there be enough for the first snowshoe hike of the year on Jan. 1st?

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