Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Serious winter has finally arrived!

We got even more snow overnight than I expected. The storm ended by midnight, but after the low pressure system had passed by with it's fine wet snow, the temperatures plunged, the winds shifted to the northwest, and we now have strong breezes off Georgian Bay bringing snow streamers southeast. It's mostly over Collingwood and Barrie, but we're getting the west edge of the streamers, so it's been snowing gently all morning. This is light fluffy stuff, accumulating on top of the heavier snow from yesterday.

Got the snowblower out for the first serious time cleaning the driveway; it's about 8 inches deep, or 20 cm. now. The snow has clung to everything, so I must get out with my camera later on. On days like this I feel sorry for people who don't like winter.

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