Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter has Arrived!

Winter arrived with a surprising white blanket of snow this morning. The forecast predicted possibly 1 mm of 'mixed' precipitation, but we woke to a good 10-15 cm of white, a thick blanket that was clinging to everything, all the tree trunks, branches and twigs coated.

Getting pictures that do justice to the winter scene, in the bright white light, is one of the notorious photographic challenges. I'm learning slowly though, experimenting with exposure compensation, so all these photos were slightly over-exposed, but they reflect the actual light well.

The dog loved it, rolling in the snow on her back, and then taking off running, pulling and tugging. The colder weather gives her an energy boost.

I've worked hard to expand our garden this fall, spreading 16 yards of soil, triple mix and manure, then covering it all with leaf mulch. At times it seemed like the work would never finish, but the weather held off and I did finish, on Monday - just in time for it all to be covered with snow today.

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