Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Don't Believe It - More Snow!

Woke this morning to yet another 25 cm. of snow, light powdery fluff that covered everything with a fresh blanket of snow flakes. This time I waited for Al to come by with his big tractor and blow out the drive. Takes me most of an hour; takes him all of 7 minutes.
Meanwhile, the dog loves it. She nearly disappears now walking through the nearly 3 feet of light powder, and constantly pushes her face in the snow in search of mice or other smells. She likes nothing more than to run through the deep snow, bounding heavily from one spot to another.
Snow is piled on the car, on the railings, on the roof, and caught in all the branches of the trees, draping the pine and spruce trees heavily. Driveways of the skiers are covered 2 feet deep; they'll face a lot of shovelling if they arrive for weekend skiing. And all the rest of the world around us is a winter wonderland.

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