Monday, October 25, 2010

October Chores

Late October is the time to get ready for winter. In 2008, winter arrived with a blizzard leaving behind a heavy snowfall on Nov. 1st, and never left. So there's a long list of things to be done to be ready.

We usually visit one of the apple orchards while the tastiest varieties of apples are still available (honey crisps), and also get at least one pumpkin to sit on the porch for Hallowe'en.

The garage needs to be tidied so we can get the outdoor furniture, various pots and garden tools, and perhaps even a car inside for the winter. Snowtires have to be installed. The lawn needs to be mowed one last time, leaves raked and mulched, and this year we have wood chips to spread. Then the lawnmower goes off to have the snowblower attached and serviced, and the mowing deck removed.

The garden gets put to bed, but inevitably we stop at nurseries when travelling, and pick up a few bargains in the late fall sales - 75% off yesterday! But of course those plants need to be planted or at least sunk to protect them over the winter.

The first chickadee at the feeder.

Bird feeders need to be put up, and a new place to buy birdseed found. Tree guards get placed on small saplings the deer might find tasty. And if you're lucky you have a few sunny warm days before October ends to get all this done.

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