Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Garlic Time

Early October, and it's time to plant the garlic.

For 20 years we've been growing several varieties of garlic, just enough to give us a garlic supply, and provide seed for next year's crop. Garlic is usually planted in September/October, and harvested in July or early August, so garlic planting is another event in the fall season.

This year we stopped in the general store in Kimberly and found 14 varieties of garlic for sale! Nothing would do but we bought one of each for seed, and now of course, the undergardener needs to prepare a big new bed in the garden for the expanded garlic patch.

This meant double-digging, adding compost and manure, and building up the bed with a healthy layer of new topsoil - all in all a couple of hard day's work! But it's ready now for the head gardener to plant and label all her 21 varieties. And beautiful sunny warm days to do it in.

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