Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bill's Creek

A group of us walked in to see the springs at Bill's Creek a few days ago, a property recently acquired by the Bruce Trail Conservancy.  These are the springs (in low water just one spring), which provide the outflow from the Wodehouse Karst sinkholes.  The sinkholes were completely flooded at this point, so the flow was tremendous - Bill's Creek was just charging down the ravine into the valley.

The creek was completely full, as you can see looking directly down on it, above, and to our east it continued downslope beginning to form the deep gorge in the Queenston Shale that occurs further downhill, before it bursts out to flow across pastures below into the Beaver River.

Above us, it was flowing out of all three springs, including the southerly one, the flow from which is shown in the photo below.  The Bruce Trail passes just above the springs, and then follows downslope on the north side, giving you great views (and a very noisy creek at the moment).

Below is the centre spring which provides the main flow most of the time.  Put together it was great to see it when it was charging full, and not just a late summer trickle.

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