Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Winter!

I can never get over the east winds that precede a low pressure storm across southern Ontario.  I have to remind myself that air masses circulate counter-clockwise around low pressure systems in the northern hemisphere, and then I understand.  Even though the huge air mass of the storm is moving steadily out of the south-west toward the north-east, that front edge of the storm consists of winds moving from east to west.  Monday morning they were definitely east or south-east winds, drifting light snow across the roads and bringing bitter cold.

 The old red truck on the 9th line.

But that storm moved through Monday, with more snow and quite serious drifting in places that evening.  Then Tuesday the low pressure system had left, and we had the usual snow bands rising off the lake to the north-west.  This morning we woke to 6 or 8 inches of additional fresh powder snow!  I thought I had put the snowblower away for good this year, but no such luck. Winter just seems to want to stay around this spring.

So we mark the first official day of spring with fresh snow, and no sign of winter leaving any time soon!

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