Friday, November 23, 2012

Hidden Things Appear in November

November is a fascinating month to look at the landscape around us.  In that time between the leaves falling and the snow arriving, things that are screened by leaves in the summer suddenly become visible.  You can see through the forest to things you hardly realized were there, and other things become clearer.

This huge paper wasps' nest is hanging 8 feet off the ground, just 5 feet into the trees, not far from our place.  But I didn't realize it was there all summer until the leaves fell and suddenly it was so obvious.  Paper wasps are generally beneficial in a garden, and not very aggressive except in defending their nests (unlike hornets and yellowjackets).  I think I've removed at least half a dozen very small nests around the house this summer, but this one will be able to flourish on its own without bothering anyone.

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