Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photography Outing

We had an interesting walk up the valley slope yesterday as part of a photography outing. Most easily accessible viewpoints over the valley are on the west side, so you're looking at the east slope. And of course the stunning high cliffs of Old Baldy are probably the most common single thing photographed in the valley - see one of my very first posts, Thanksgiving 2010.

But this walk was up through an old farm on the east side, where we got several views west. We missed the first one, above, on the walk uphill, but coming back downhill it just struck me as the nicest view we'd had all day.

These next two photos actually show approximately the same part of the western valley slope. But the second is taken at more of a telephoto setting, giving quite a different impression. I find it interesting to look across the valley and try and pick out what you're looking at, and where. The second photo encompasses about the upper left quarter of the first one.

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