Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring in the Woods!

It's the nicest two weeks in the year as far as I'm concerned. The world has turned mostly green, leaves are coming out, birds and singing, and wildflowers are in bloom. This is the single best month to spend time in the woods with your camera. I think I've taken 300 pictures in 2 weeks!
Led a Bruce Trail wildflower walk along the Mac Kirk Side Trail at Old Baldy last Friday, and the weather was spectacular. Trilliums were in bloom, and we counted 26 other species of spring wildflowers, along with 9 species of ferns.
Somehow the light in the woods is different before the leaves come entirely out. And light shining through leaves, or fern fronds, has to be just the nicest colour of green in the world.
Old Baldy is a good place for ferns as well as wildflowers; these are ostrich ferns unfurling from the unique fiddlehead shape to form a full frond, glowing green in the morning light.

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