Friday, October 28, 2011

Buzzing Bees

The bees, wasps and other nectar-loving insects haven't wanted to quit in the garden.

Though most of the garden has lost its colour, and the flowers have now gone, two weeks ago we still had two purple mums at the edge of the flower bed. Walking past them you could literally hear the buzzing of the bees, perhaps a dozen or two, working away visiting as many blossoms as they could.

If you looked closely there were several different kinds of bees and wasps just humming over the plants, presumably trying to get some final nourishment before the winter hibernation. I tried getting some close-up pictures, but the bees were buzzing so constantly that it was a challenge to get any of them in focus. Now they've vanished, and the flowers are fading after the first frost. It will be late summer next year before we see many of them again.

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