Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interesting Things

We see lots of little interesting things that strike me as photo-worthy here and there. This tree frog visited our chairs under the apple tree, and just sat there all day long. They tend to be more active at night, and the tree frog's call is very neat - a sort of a bark sound. I'm sure many people here them and wonder what sort of bird is that, calling at night.

One day after those weeks of hot dry days in July, it suddenly rained, and everthing turned cooler and greener. What we really noticed was how the lichens on the big boulders perked up immediately. Absorbing moisture, they sprung back to life, and showed up against the rock so much more clearly.

I think this is a damselfly, but I don't know my insects very well. The only one I could find to match the black wings they had is the ...... They were literally swarming around fallen logs along the Nottawasaga River when we canoed it earlier this spring.

And finally, this is a courageious cedar tree - just a little cedar tree in a pasture, until you look closely and realize that its growing straight out of this big boulder.

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