Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yellow Flowers in June

The meadow is at it's best in mid-June, and I'm amazed when I walk the trails early in the morning, at the number of yellow flowers. In the early morning sunlight (though it's a rainy day today), the king devil or yellow hawkweed open up to gather in the sun's rays, and as you walk around, their yellow blossoms are everywhere. It's not quite a carpet of yellow, but thousands of yellow stars among the grasses.

In places there are lots of buttercups too, one of our well-known summer flowers, along with the daisies. Their tiny yellow blossoms also open up in response to the sun's rays.

There are the yellow daylilies that I rescued where they had been dumped in the ditch, and planted out near the road at the back of our house. They have fought off the competition of the long grasses and are blooming nicely.

There are even bits of escaped bird's foot trefoil, spread from hayfields, and now naturalized here and there along the roadside.
All in all, it makes a walk through the meadow on an early sunny morning a special treat in June.

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