Books on the History and Landscape of Scotland

G. Killen, A Short History of Scotland.
M. MagnussonScotland: the History of a Nation.*
G. Menzies, In Search of Scotland.
N. Oliver, A History of Scotland.*
M. Pittock, A New History of Scotland.
J. Prebble, The Lion in the North.
N. Tranter, The Story of Scotland.*

Geology and Landscape:
C. Gillen, Geology and Landscapes of Scotland.
S. Lloyd, The Landscape of Scotland.
J. McCarthyScotland, Land and People.*
A. McKirdy and R. Crofts, Scotland: The Creation of its Natural Landscape.*
A. PatersonScotland’s Landscape: Endangered Icon.*

A.Moffat, Before Scotland.*
N. Oliver, A History of Ancient Britain.*
F. PryorBritain BC.

Romans, Columba and Vikings:
J. Graham-Campbell, The Viking World.
A. Smyth, Warlords and Holy Men: Scotland 80 AD – 1000 AD.
N. Tranter, Columba.*

MacBeth to Prince Charlie:
Border Fury.
J. Worlmald, Mary Queen of Scots.
Many of the Tranter historic novels.*

Clearances and Diaspora:
D. Craig, On the Crofter’s Trail.
J. Hunter, The Last of the Free.*
J. Hunter, The Making of the Crofting Community.*
J. Hunter, Scottish Exodus.
B. Kay, The Scottish World

Modern Scotland:
T. Devine, Scotland’s Empire: 1600 – 1815.
T. Devine, The Scottish Nation: 1700 – 2000.
A. Herman, How the Scots Invented the Modern World.
C. Warren, Managing Scotland’s Environment.

Canadian Influence:
E. Waterston, Rapt in Plaid.
K. McCoogan, How the Scots Invented Canada.


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